Book Review: Instant IntroJs

Instant Intro.Js Book Cover

Instant IntroJs is Short and Sweet

Being an “Instant” book from Packt Publishing this book is fairly short. But that’s the point. This book quickly dives into how to setup IntroJs and a more efficient way to include it in your project. Instant IntroJs also shows you how to include it in frameworks such as Rails and PHP’s Yii framework as well as give you the code to do so. I wasn’t even aware IntroJs had method chaining capabilities until I read this book. The multipage example was nice and simple and should be very useful for people looking to use IntroJs. Instant IntroJs also shows you how to compile the library if you needed to make your own modifications.

Multipage Example

The multipage example in Instant IntroJs was a bit different than I had planned out what it would be in my head, and better. It’s really easy to implement and should be useful for showing off new features.

Options, Actions and more…

There are sections in the book that display and provide detail of actions and options used in IntroJs. This is really handy for those who aren’t aware of IntroJs’s capabilities.

Know What You’re Buying

The book is only 48 pages. I’m not going to rant on how people rate things but this is a quick guide to IntroJs and I feel it does a pretty good job on showing you how to use it. If you’re not familiar with the library and not the best at Javascript or HTML programming this will help you implement IntroJs.


The book was pretty good. It quickly gives you the necessities for implementing Introjs into your project. Have a look at the table of contents provided by Packt Publishing for a precise look at the book’s contents. Follow the link below to find the book.

Instant IntroJs:

If you just want to see a basic implementation, check out my post:
Enhancing User Experience with IntroJs

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